The children are taught to appreciate the endowments of the benevolent noble nature. The earth day, green day, etc. is celebrated as a thanks giving to mother nature. A grand rally, speeches, various competitions, skit, etc. mark this day.

Visit to old age homes, schools in slum areas, mingling with differently abled children, etc. generates empathy in children, thereby they learn to respect and accept the short comings in their lives of these not so privileged people of the society. They get to understand their moral duty towards members of the society.

Celebration of Traffic week, anti tobacco day, etc. instill in the children a duty towards society. Such occasions make the children realize the value of human life and how by adhering to certain pre-requisite rules, danger to life could be stalled.

Celebrating various religious festivals and discussing about its importance inculcates a sense of communal harmony and religious tolerance in the children. Ours being a secular country, values of fraternity and brotherhood in children make them upright individuals.